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Nidec ultraflo datasheet

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Nidec ultraflo datasheet

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QUIETER by Nidec DESIGN Innovative fan motor design and motor support mechanism utilize a double-vibration reduction structure and a spring instrument to greatly dampen and reduce vibration. duty loads, e.g. more space-constrained In addition, the fan propeller is meticulously designed to reduce the disturbing frequency. I couldn't find a datasheet, but this was the closest I could find: https://store.supermicro.com/40mm-fan-0100l4.htmlThis is a standard fan for Supermicro CS. UltraFlo. (1) J311. Projector fan. Lot of 3. Something went wrong. View cart for details.. Nidec UltraFlo P/N: W40S12BS4A5-07 Rated Voltage: 12VDC Current: 0.73A Dimension: 40x40x28mm Rated Input: 8.76W Rated Speed: 18000rpm Max Air Flow: 26.5 CFM Noise: 55dBA Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.. Air flow, current, speed and sound pressure ratings are at nominal operating voltage and zero static pressure.Current and power ratings are average expected values under those conditions.†L10 bearing life expectancy at TA= +40°C.®UltraFlo is a registered trademark of Nidec Corporation. 172x51mm. Nidec面向新能源汽车一体化电驱动总成及其部件建成苏州研发中心; 尼得科新驱动器产品"COMMANDER S"全球上市,采用全新的组件和创新的制造方法,安装简便、性价比高; 全球顶级电动滑翔机竞赛第一:Nidec F5B马达挑战小型化、大功率、高功效马达的极限.

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